Personal Information

The Other Bordeaux will never pass on your personal information to anybody else except as in as much as this is required to ask Australia Post and Aramex to deliver your purchases to you the customer of The Other Bordeaux.

In order to complete the sale and delivery of wine to you, The Other Bordeaux is required to ask for: confirmation that your age is over 18 years; your name; your delivery address; your email address; your phone number.

All payments for products sold by The Other Bordeaux are handled by Stripe and PayPal. The Other Bordeaux does not ever know, store, or use your credit card data. PayPal and Stripe are entirely responsible for the handling of all payments from beginning to end.

As such, any personal information that users submit to the site will be stored by WordPress, the maker of The Other Bordeaux’s website, and used only for the purpose of sending wine purchases to you the customer. If you wish to receive our email newsletters your email address will be held on the MailChimp server that hosts The Other Bordeaux’s newsletter-sending software.

Disclosure of Personal Information

The Other Bordeaux do our best to ensure that your information remains private in accordance with the Privacy Act.

However, in situations whereby we must offer such information according to the law, or where our contract or conditions have been breached, misused, or deliberately ignored, we reserve the right to disclose your personal information to the appropriate party to ensure that the matter is resolved according to the seriousness of the offence.

If you have any further questions, you can contact The Other Bordeaux here.