Here’s a selection of emails I’ve received over the last few months:

Hi Tom,

I received my first mixed dozen via the pre-departure option. I’ve had two of the more inexpensive wines and I’m really impressed. It’s really great that you have this service!


Patrick (by email 4th August 2022)

Hi Tom,

Just got our first delivery of our journey into French wine.

Thought I would give some feedback, as I was impressed.

Drank the Flauzières Séguret  last night and all I can say is wow!
Looking forward to the rest.
Thanks again, 



Thank you.

We had one last night for my Birthday dinner and it was brilliant [wine was].




I have known Tom Munro for past 6 years. Not only does he know his wines, he is able to source them from these great wineries in France. You really get to experience something unique.

John R via Facebook

Hi Tom,

I bought from your website and my order was delivered  a couple of weeks ago. 

We drank a bottle last night. 

It was delicious. 

I was a little hesitant when I first ordered as I knew nothing about you. 

I did like the way you wrote, you sounded sincere and honest. 

I will be ordering again. 

Thank you 

Janet M.

Hi Tom,

I received my oder today, thank you!

I’m currently tasting the Z Bordeaux Rouge 2019. It’s an excellent wine soft fruit, a beautiful balance between acidity and tannin and a hint of salt and iodine and violet that I just can’t find in any Australian wine. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am and how excited I am to taste the other wines in the case!

Thank you so much. I look forward to buying a lot more wine from you in the future!


Martin Lawrence.

Hi Tom!

My parents, Ron and Sandy Stevens, gave my husband a case of wines from you for Christmas. We have absolutely loved every bottle and we love the idea of drinking wines that are not available generally and are coming straight from the smaller wine makers.

I have had a look at your website and we are wondering if we could sign up to receive a case of wine (12 bottles I assume) four times per year? The wines could be of your choosing. We are keen to get to know some different wines.

Please let me know what you think and how this might work logistically.

Many thanks!


Hi Tom,

Just a note to say that I shared the bottle of Z Bordeaux Rouge 2019 that you sent in the Equilibrium dozen with some friends on Sunday. We all took a sip from our glasses, the eyebrows all went up followed by “Wow!” all around the table. What incredible wine.

Accordingly, I have just ordered a case of the 2018 from the email that you sent today. :-)

Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing – you’re on a winner here. I keep recommending you to all of my friends.

Gordon O.

Absolutely excellent quality wines that I truly cant get locally- fantastic selection- suggest start with a mix dozen or two – you will find some absolutely incredible drops in here – if you love good wine ( like i mean really good) look no further.

Liam W. (review from The Other Bordeaux Facebook page)

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the delicious mixed case of whites.

They were very popular with family & friends who have looked to order some too. 

Fred Meyers


Wine arrived safely and tried the first one last night, superb.


Peter Rawlinson

 Hi Tom. I have always enjoyed your choice of vino for some time. Actually just sent your details on to my sons. So hopefully they will start to support you too.

Dr Dominic R. Stewart QC

Thanks Tom,

We love introducing people to your wines – they provide a sense of adventure/exploration. Your descriptions/notes are excellent and reliable and the wines are reliably  very good. So why wouldn’t we?

Still trying to forgive Tim Smith for cornering your last stock of Château Grand Clapeau Olivier.

Keep well!


Charles Sanderson

Hi Tom,

John Abrahams gave me your email, I hope that’s ok.

Would love to order some wine through you. We just sampled some of his previous shipment and it was divine.

Can you please let me know when you’re taking orders?



Hi Tom,

Just a short note to say  I’m enjoying the wines immensely.

Haven’t looked at the top two yet, but the others have been enjoyable drinking representing excellent value.

Usually shied away from Bordeaux reds as I did not consider them value for money, compared to the new world wines.

Looking forward to your next tranche.

Best regards,

Joseph Sims

Hey Tom,

No rush in answering this because it’s just a pondering.

We are massive fans of what you do and rave about you to everyone we know.

Have you ever considered doing other countries like Italy or Spain.

Or do you know anyone who does a similar thing in those regions.

Because this is honestly the most genius wine club system we have ever found and we are just madly in love with the ability to get different and new things each time.

If nothing else keep up the amazing work, your business is incredible.

Larry Farley

Hi Tom,

Have received the final box and order now fulfilled. Thanks for being an easy communicator. Wine racks nearly full and will enjoy going through them.

 Look forward to ordering more wine from you in the future.



Thats great Tom – thanks.

I am not sure if I mentioned to you but I am so impressed with your delivery updates. The initial estimate was very accurate and final delivery was within a couple of days of the initial forecast. This is doubly impressive give covid uncertainties! This is in marked contrast to other importers of French wine I have dealt with where I had to beg for delivery updates only to be given meaningless responses.


Good day Tom,

Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the wine I have purchased from you thus far.
They have a depth of character that many locally produced products seem to lack unless you are prepared to pay very high prices. I’ve become rather bored with many Australian wines, which I find disappointing.
As a Tasmanian I have been increasingly underwhelmed by the insipid flavourless offerings of Pinot noir from my home state and also the overcooked examples from SA are equally uninspiring.
The sparkling wines you have supplied are also lovely too.
With thanks
Edward Harrison

Hi Tom,

Just to let you know we have been delighted with this Mystery Dozen! One of the Chardonnays we had up against a Premier Cru from Simonnet Febvre for double the price and there was little lost in enjoyment.
We do buy regularly from other sources but they tend to be our tried and true. It is nice to break out of the rut now and again.
Many thanks,
Thank you Tom,
I really enjoyed the Chardonnay – hence another order.
I also served it to Friend’s over dinner and they loved it, so I have given them your details.

Warm regards Charlotte

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Thanks Tom,Looking forward to receiving my wines.  Could you please let me know when they have been sent with a tracking number so that I can let my office know to look out for them.

So glad I came across your website, I have many happy memories of traveling around France and the lovely wine had a bit to do with that

Have a great day and stay safe

Kind Regards


Hi Tom, tonight opened my first bottle of Mas du Notaire, Costieres de Nimes dry white. Fantastic. Pass me the oysters! Also re-read your description of the wine. Nailed it exactly. We lived for a time in Remoulins near Pont du Gard and are quite familiar with this appellation. Quite difficult to find elsewhere in France except from cavistes.

Thanks Tom,

We got this drop last year and just opened it, it’s great. Love your work!

This is a terrific wine. Really enjoying:

[photo of ]

Thanks. George B.

Hi Tom, do you or will you be getting anymore 2020 Ruhlmann-Schutz Pinot Noir Cuvée Mosaïque back in stock? I tried it last night and really enjoy it.
Thanks James S.

[answer to question is “yes”]

The  Wine is really good here i got a mixed case and all the wines were delicious and well priced .

Grant W (comment on Facebook)

Hi Tom

Delivered yesterday and had my first taste last night.
Thank you
[The wine she mentions is ]